A Non Profit in Big Rapids Needs More Assistance in Summer Months

A nonprofit in Big Rapids serves to feed over 300 families a month to Mecosta and Osceola residents who need assistance but now they need your help.

The food pantries shelves look more bare than usual during the summer months.

Children are out of school and are no longer able to get free meals there so their families turn to the food pantry.

They also provide basic necessities for families when stocked.

This nonprofit is now looking to the community so they can continue to assist others.

“Mainly food is what we do for anyone that asks for it,” Diane Long, Executive Director at Project Starburst. “There’s no requirement to receive food from Project Starburst and we are the only pantry that that happens for.”

The shelves are very bare this summer and they need donations to continue to provide for the community

If interested in donating to Project Starburst head to their website.

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