Wellness for the Family: Outdoor Activities

Building a mindset for daily exercise isn’t easy—but summer has all the reasons to get outside, from great weather to more daylight.

Registered Dietician Grace Derocha, with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, says the outdoors are like a big green gym. She has a few suggestions to make getting outside for a workout seem less stressful and more fun.

Tennis shoes

Daily exercise doesn’t have to be all cardio and jumping jacks, it can be as simple as grabbing tennis shoes and going for a walk. Walks are perfect for beginners, and Derocha says all exercise helps boost mood, sleep and battle chronic conditions.

Throw a football

Playing games are a great way to entertain yourself and get exercise without hardly realizing it.

“Throwing the football around, even playing Frisbee, jumping rope outside…there are so many ways to incorporate what this might look like,” Derocha says. “My favorite: dance parties.”

Add resistance

Derocha suggests adding resistance with things like resistance bands so you aren’t just getting a  cardiovascular workout.

Go on an adventure

From parks to lakes, rivers and trails, Northern Michigan is an outdoor playground of fun and activity.


Gardening is another great way to get outside and get exercise, Derocha says.

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