Volunteers Needed to Paint, Renovate Home of Hospitalized South Boardman Veteran

A Rapid City woman is trying to help a local veteran – and she needs your help.

Two weeks ago, veteran Jerry Hallopeter was hospitalized for a brain infection.

After multiple surgeries, he’s ready to come home on Sunday, but his house isn’t ready.

Jerry was in the middle of home renovations when he left for the hospital and he can’t return until it’s back in order.

One of his friends is asking for help to make sure Jerry can come home to a dust-free, clean space while he recovers.

“I’m hoping tomorrow at 10 a.m., painting is going to be the big thing. Let’s get that ceiling painted, let’s get the wall painted, we want to have no dust in that house because he needs to breathe easy,” said Glori Crowell.

Hallopeter’s home is in South Boardman.

If you want to help, call Glori at 231-883-6278.

You can also respond to her Facebook post here.

She will also answer Facebook messages.


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