Rocking Chairs Raise Funds for Hospice of Michigan

We’re rocking out for a cause and we’re not talking about rock and roll music, we’re talking rocking chairs!

A rock-a-thon in Cadillac kicks off tonight to raise money for people in Hospice.

Grab a rocking chair and head to the Curry House Assisted Living and Memory Care Center to join the 24 hour rock-a-thon that benefits Hospice of Michigan.

You’ll want to hurry because it begins Thursday night! “We thought we would rock in rocking chairs and raise money for an organization in the community,” Rae Berwald, Sales and Marketing Director at Curry House.

Working closely with Hospice of Michigan, the Curry House chose to rock along for a good cause.

“You can have a team or come by yourself and you just find some people who will sponsor you,” says Berwald. “You raise some donations and you come and rock in the chair a minimum of thirty minutes or you can rock all night if you want because the event goes on for 24 hours or if you don’t want to rock you can just come by and donate money.”

They’re giving everyone an opportunity to participate in any capacity.

The event holds a special connection for rockers like Lois Finstrom.

“My sister-in-law she was here and she was on Hospice,” says Lois Finstrom, participant in the fundraiser. “She just needed someone to talk to and when things got bad they would come and get me and I would go up and sit with her in the memory care area, so they’ve got compassion here.”

Compassion that provides anyone the opportunity to receive Hospice care regardless of their financial situation.

“People can’t afford it and you still give them care and that’s great that you’re not without help,” Lois Zeller, rocker participant.

“We really depend on our foundation to raise money within the communities that we serve in order to take care of people that just may not have the insurance or the funding available to get the care they need,” says Margo Jacobs, Hospice of Michigan Marketing Advisor.

The 24 hour rock-a-thon begins tonight at 5 p.m. and ends Friday evening at 5.

If you want to get involved with the fundraiser or donate to it, call Curry House at 231-577-9575.

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