One Recall Petition Approved, One Denied Against Isabella Co. Elected Officials

Isabella County held two public hearings Thursday, after recalls petitions were filed against two elected officials in the county.

One petition was filed last month against Isabella Township trustee Robert Walton.

He’s accused of a conflict of interest for promoting a wind power project, while involved with Isabella Wind LLC.

Thursday, the petition against Walton was denied because the request wasn’t clear enough.

Another petition was filed against Denver Township supervisor John Pedjac because of improper meeting procedure.

That was approved.

Pedjac now has 10 days to contest the decision in circuit court.

Isabella County treasurer Steven Pickens is on the commission that decides whether recalls get on the November ballot.

“Well with us as a commission we are only here for clarity.  Our job is to make sure that the people would understand it, there are no assumptions to be made or very little assumption that can be made that is direct and to the point of factual nature,” Pickens said.

Any recall attempts that end up being approved will be on the ballot for Isabella County voters November 6.