Dash As Fast As You Can At Alpenfest

Alpenfest is still in full swing on the third day with events of all different kinds.


Organizers want to make sure everyone can be included in the competition, no matter their age.

This one might be the cutest.

“We did the diaper derby,” said Chelsea Knouse.

The competition is exactly what it sounds like.

“Crawling race for the babies,” said Knouse.

A little push at the beginning and a lot of motivation at the end.

This twin sister duo duked it out on the carpet.

“She gets very distracted so she started off good and saw someone or something and decided to take a sit and see what’s going on,” said Knouse.

Meanwhile, her sister kept her eye on the prize to beat her out for the first place finish.

“Even the little kids to get them outside to enjoy Alpenfest,” said Knouse.

While Alpenfest from down low is certainly lovely, it’s equally as nice from up above.

“Nerve wrecking, I’m shocked, ya know, for just having three people, four people, yeah, your adrenaline goes for a minute but it was fun,” said Karen Buschell.

It might take a few times before take off.

But once you get going, you’re going, going, and gone.

“It definitely took some practice, but once you get it, it’s your arms, it’s not your legs,” said Buschell.

Karen Buschell is a seasoned veteran in this competition.

“Probably 30,” she said.

30 years of tradition and this year she brings home a souvenir.

A first place win for herself and her daughter right behind her in second.

But if all that competition makes you tired, there’s plenty of entertainment that involves sitting back and relaxing.

Big Daddy Lackowski and the La Dee Da’s are taking center stage, with a preview of their performance in the video above.

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