29 NATO Countries “Stepping Up Their Commitment” to Military Spending, President Trump Says

President Trump says the 29 NATO countries are “stepping up their commitment” to up their military spending.

The announcement was made at the NATO summit in Brussels, following 2 days of tense discussion and demands from the president.

President Trump on his first day of the NATO summit took aim, mainly at Germany, for not doing enough to support the military alliance.

The summit is usually a chance to reaffirm a commitment to the alliance that was formed after WWII, to defend the west against the Soviet Union.

Only 5 NATO countries are paying the requested 2 percent of their nation’s GDP on defense.

Wednesday the president pressed US allies to raise it to 4 percent.

The president tweeted:

U.S. lawmakers have mixed reactions to the president’s demands.

Thursday, President Trump will travel to London for meetings with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth.

He’ll then meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland.


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