Roscommon Community Comes Together After Grass Fire Destroys Youth Soccer Field

A grass fire charred this Roscommon soccer field. Now the community is working to get it back in playing condition.

The fields are used primarily by the Roscommon North Youth Soccer Association.

Firefighters say a drone crashed on the field Sunday, sparking the fire.

“I was sick to my stomach. One of my friends is on our fire board and he called me, and I let all the other board members know, and I got out here as soon as I could,” said board Registrar Erika Nichols.

The fire happened just as the Roscommon North Youth Soccer Association was working to improve the sprinkler system around the field and get them ready for the upcoming season.

“Kind of sad that if the fields don’t get fixed we won’t be able to play soccer. We need help to fix the soccer field so kids get a chance to play,” said player Kylie Traver.

But there were also blessings to be found. The fire came to within mere inches of sheds holding valuable equipment and left them untouched.

“It will grow back, just we’re going to need a little in some spots a little bit of seeds a little bit of top soil and we’ll figure that out. We really would like to put this back the way it used to be as a first class soccer field,” said longtime coach John Sinnaeve.

Since the fire, people have started coming forward with donations to help fix the field.

“As soon as we put out the word about what happened other local soccer organizations have stepped up to help. Our local Roscommon wrestling team is adding a can drive to their car wash their doing on Saturday, a lot of local businesses have offered seed and fertilizer, and it’s overwhelming,” said Association President Amanda Witt.

To donate, click here.

You can also send donations to:


P.O. Box 323

Roscommon, MI 48653


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