Two Men Arrested in Connection to Crawford County Homicide


We now know the names of the two men police say killed another man.

18-year-old Dylan Ziegler from Romulus and Matthew Smith, a 36-year-old from Canton.

Both were arraigned Wednesday for the murder of Dennis Everson and are facing life in prison.

We’re told the victim was found bludgeoned to death.

The investigation started when Dennis Everson was reported missing Friday.

He was found dead on a remote piece of property on West County Road 612.

The murder of Everson was on July 2.

He was found last Saturday.

Tuesday night investigators say they arrested the pair of suspects last night during a traffic stop and that one of them were headed out of state.

The Crawford County Sheriff says they believe there was an altercation at the victim’s house.

They say the suspects and the victim knew each other.

“They were acquaintances. At least one of them was an acquaintance. How long of an acquaintance I don’t know, but a fairly long time. They were working together, doing things together, scrapping and things like that. One thing lead to another and ends up a bad situation,” Crawford County Sheriff Kirk Wakefield said.

Investigators are still working to determine what kind of weapons may have been used.

In court Wednesday, Smith admitted police made a misunderstanding and he did not commit the crime.

Both Ziegler and Smith were both denied bond and will be back in court on July 24.



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