Opportunity For Kids to Swim for Grand Traverse Bay

If your young swimmers are ready to hit the open water, they can be part of the Kids Swim for Grand Traverse Bay.

The adult Swim for Grand Traverse Bay on August 11 was already one of the region’s only point-to-point open water swim events—and the kids’ swim on August 10 is new this year.

Christine Chrisman says this swim is for kids ages 12 to 17, and will take a little bit of experience to complete the half mile swim in the bay. But coaches and parents can swim with the kids for support.

“We’re hoping we get kids that are a part of some sort of swimming club or group,” Chrisman says. “And that they have their couch or parent with them making sure that they can actually do the distance…We’ll have safety folks there to make them feel safe, so it’s kind of the introduction to getting out into the water, but there’s a lot of safety aspects we have to make them feel comfortable.”

The half mile swim should take about 15 minutes to a half an hour to complete, Chrisman says. And its right along the shore line, so they’ll be able to see the bottom.

Wet suits and other swimming gear, including snorkels, fins and kickboards, are allowed.

The idea for a kids swim was born out of a desire to involve a younger crowd, Chrisman says.

“We’ve done an adult swim for 3 years, so we thought we want to engage a younger group of folks,” she says. “Their families can come out and support and cheer them on.”

For more information, head to the Swim for Grand Traverse Bay website here.

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