Eating Our Way Into Contests At 54th Annual Alpenfest


Plenty of crazy competitions kept Alpenfest go-ers busy…until things started to get a little fishy.

Goldfish-y, to be exact.

“They’re like goldfish crackers,” said Braydon Lynn.

Contestants had just one rule.

“You couldn’t use your hands so you had to flip the cup over and eat them off the table,” Braydon.

And one mission.

“Basically just to open my mouth and try to get as many in there as I could so I could chew it up and swallow it,” he said.

The strategy doesn’t have to be complex.

“It just kinda, I just kinda did it,” Braydon.

“I was kind of looking and I was just kind of focusing on my own goal fish,” he said. “Very salty.”

Salty, but successful.

“I finished mine first so I got this pin right here,” Braydon says.

A fantastic first place finish for Braydon’s first ever Alpenfest.

For others though, Alpenfest is a favorite summer tradition year after year.

Sophia and Cadence have been coming as long as they can remember and took center stage at a familiar contest for them.

“It’s the bubble gum blowing contest, you have to blow the biggest one,” said Cadence Dilworth.

The work isn’t done once the bubble is blown up.

“And it’s hard because you have to keep it in your mouth as they measure it,” Sophia Maurer laughed.

But the most challenging part…

“Yes so hard,” the girls agreed.

Might be blowing the bubble in the first place.

“Chew it and get all the sugar out of it,” said Sophia.

“Sorta slimey in your mouth, makes it easier,” said Cadence.

Takes longer to chew…

“Like five minutes,” she said.

Than to actually blow the bubble.

It’s a messy competition of trying and trying and trying again.

“It’s just funny, you blow it and it pops in your face, it just sticks to you you have to peel it off your face,” they agreed.

But practice makes perfect.

“Mine was 13 inches,” said Sophia.

“And I got 11 inches,” added Cadence.

Earning these two best friends the two best titles.

“First and second,” they said simultaneously.

Surrounded by their favorite friends and family, the only thing bursting their bubble is that Alpenfest only rolls around one time per year.

“I think it’s a lot different from the fair because it has all this stuff,” said Sophia.

“I like how the whole town of Gaylord comes together,” agreed Cadence.


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