Army Corps of Engineers Looking into Human Skull Found At Old Gas Plant in Manistee

In Manistee contractors for Consumers Energy found a human skull while working to excavate a site last week.

They made the discovery on Jones Street in the city of Manistee at an old manufactured gas plant.

Once workers found the skull work stopped immediately.

Manistee police ruled out any criminal activity and turned the investigation over the the Army Corp of Engineers.

They’ve been on scene since the skull was found.

Consumers Energy says they are waiting for the go ahead from the Army Corp to resume work on the site.

“The Army Corp of Engineers does have control of the site and any activity happening on the site. As of right now, all operations have stopped since we uncovered the skull. But truthfully we want to come to a resolution that makes sense for everybody and make sure we are not continuing on a site that may cause further damage to something that might be historical,” says Eric Gustard, community affairs manager for Consumers Energy said.

The Army Corp is also reaching out to Native American tribes that could possibly be linked to remains at the site.