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Producer Chat: A Funny Folding Technique and the World’s Oldest Color

Promo Image: Producer Chat: A Funny Folding Technique and the World’s Oldest Color

Lots of people associate the color pink with bubble gum, baby girls, and breast cancer awareness—but it’s also the world’s oldest color.

For today’s producer chat on what’s awesome and funny in the world, ‘the four’ Executive Producer Jamie Thompson learned more about the color pink and how to fold a bed sheet from a viral video that leaves sides split from laughter.

Pretty (old) in pink

Scientists discovered ancient pink pigments in more than 1-billion-year-old rocks in the Sahara Desert.

That makes them the oldest colors in geological record.

It’s a pretty complicated process on how scientists found the ancient pigments. They are more than 500 million years older than any previously known pigments.

Scientists say they are shedding new light on the evolution of life on earth.

More cool facts on pink

The color pink is known to increase your heart rate and blood pressure when you see it, and it symbolizes joy and happiness.

Funny viral video: how to fold a fitted sheet

Many—including Jamie—can’t fold a fitted sheet to save their lives.

Yet Terri Metz makes it hilarious and easy…you gotta giggle at this viral video.

Terri says she loves to laugh and make others laugh.

Besides Terri’s way, there is an actual “right” way to do this, and you can learn more about it from .

But to be honest, Terri’s method looks a lot more fun!