Dogs, Cats Recovering At Cherryland Humane Society, Rescued From Paradise Township Home

“They were extremely frightened, they were very fearful,” said Tia Barbera, animal behaviorist at Cherryland Humane Society.

Twenty-seven cats and dogs were rescued from a Grand Traverse County home in deplorable shape.

One dog was found dead.

We first told you about the horrific case on Monday when Michigan State Police and other crews spent nearly 12 hours rescuing these animals.

It happened at a home on the corner of Voice Road and Paradise Road in Paradise Township.

“The Michigan State Police was called out for loose animals and barking animals in the neighborhood,” said Grand Traverse County Animal Control Supervisor Jaime Croel.

That is where they found 28 dogs and cats, one dog did not survive.

All crews wearing hazmat equipment and respirators.

“As you started looking around between the odor and then seeing inside the open doors and some of the windows you saw the unsanitary conditions were far worse than we thought they would be,” said Croel.

“A lot of them had matt caked muds of feces and urine all down their chest and their paws,” said Barbera.

They also appeared to be suffering from dehydration and starvation.

“Some of them are pretty skinny they have some runny eyes and stuff like that,” said Croel. “I think the biggest thing with them now is they’re just not socialized.”

“We provided a safe place for them where they can hide so they all have sheets over,” said Barbera. “Several of the dogs are just hiding under their beds and won’t let anyone come near them.”

These dogs and cats, now experiencing what could be their first human touch and love.

“They’re all very friendly, they’re just very shy, they’re showing wonderful personalities,” said Barbera. “We’ve actually had a few dogs that are actually opening up and I had one crawl in my lap this morning.”

The investigation is still ongoing and charges are expected.

All of the animals are at the Cherryland Humane Society where they are looking for volunteers and help.

These items are needed:
-Bleach, bleach, bleach
-Liquid laundry detergent
-Paper towels
-Chlorox wipes
-Non-clumping cat litter
-Dry and wet cat and kitten food
-Dry dog food
-Towels and blankets
-Flea and tick treatment (not Hartz brand)