State Allocates $1.5 Million for New Health Center in Bay Mills

The state of Michigan is allocating $1.5 million towards the construction of a health center in Bay Mills.

It’s a unique partnership between Bay Mills Indian Community and the state, the goal is to increase affordable healthcare for those who need it.

“Healthy people in the community benefits everyone in the community and that’s our goal here is to serve as many people as possible,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Maloney, said.

A 29 percent spike in patient population and nearly 17,000 visits last year is why staff at Bay Mills Health Center say a bigger facility is a necessity.

“Right now we are pretty cramped with what we have, a new facility will let us help more patients and also better serve the patients we already have,” Dr. Maloney, added.

The center is open to all Chippewa County residents, and offers sliding scale payments for medical, dental and mental health care.

It’s an important resource, especially for the low-income population.

“We serve about 10 percent of Chippewa County’s population and we are a leading healthcare provider in the EUP. Our tribal members here face the same needs as everyone else in the EUP, just access to good quality healthcare, without having to drive two to three hours to get it,” BMIC Tribal Chairman Bryan Newland, said.

Newland says the new facility will be one-and-a-half times the size of the existing one.

“The facility here is 20-years-old and we’ve far outgrown it, we have more demand for our services than we can meet right now, it’s about getting people in here when they need to be seen,” Newland, explained.

“This is a big deal. Michigan hasn’t done this before, Bay Mills hasn’t done this before and I think this shows where healthcare is headed over the next century or so,” Newland, added.

The cost for a new health center would likely be between $7.5-10 million, they are hoping to get a project in the works by next year.