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Lauren Duski Goes ‘Full Circle’ Performing in Gaylord, Hometown

Promo Image: Lauren Duski Goes ‘Full Circle’ Performing in Gaylord, Hometown

Country-pop singer Lauren Duski is in town to perform at Alpenfest–where  The Voice runner-up for 2017 once performed when she was 7.

Duski’s career has taken off since the finale of the twelfth season, and she is in the process of releasing her first single, “Costume Party,” on i-Tunes.

The Gaylord native says she’s “Come Full Circle” performing at Alpenfest on Friday.

“My first performance was on that stage at 7 years old, so to be up there and show this song to my hometown is just going to be incredible,” she says. “I really do believe that Northern Michigan’s support is why I made it to the finale stage, so I’m really excited about this show.”

Duski says that she looks forward to the energy on the Alpenfest stage and has already “felt the energy” from walking around downtown.

Her source of musical inspiration has shifted a bit from what she used to write.

“I used to write from breakups and experiences that I had been going through and really the people around me, my friends and family,” she says. “Lately I have been inspired by people that are just kind to other people. When I see them in public, I’ll find inspiration and take notes and take those ideas in to my co-writes, so it comes from different places. But lately, I’ve been writing happy songs for the first time in my life, which I don’t know why. I’m not questioning it, but it’s definitely been brighter.”

Duski says after her performance in Michigan, she will be heading back to Nashville to prepare for her first tour with Bobby Bones.

You can order “Costume Party” , and get a .