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Funny, Nature-Filled Summer Reads From Northern Michigan

Promo Image: Funny, Nature-Filled Summer Reads From Northern Michigan

A great way to enjoy our beautiful summer weather is with a good book in hand, but it’s not always easy to find a great read.

That’s why we went looking for suggestions at Brilliant Books in Traverse City. Anthony Ascione dug into a few of his local favorites, including “A North Country Almanac.”

“This one, ‘A North Country Almanac,’ is really, really cool,” he says. “It’s got some beautiful paintings as the illustrations, and it’s by this guy who’s just really passionate about nature, conservancy and especially conservancy in this beautiful area that we’re in. I know a lot of people are talking about it right now with all the traffic on the beach, all of the traffic on the water. This guy actually testified in front of the senate when he was 17 years old to lobby to get Isle Royal a nature preserve, which I think we all in Michigan know was successfully done. I find that super impressive. The first thing he talks about that interested him in nature is 5 years old, seeing an eagle and making his family pull over on vacation so he could get out and take pictures of this eagle. So it’s just changed his life.”

Or if you’re looking for a funny read, Ascione says “Bootstrapper From Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm” is bubbling with hilarity.

“If you’re more into a narrative, Mardi Jo Link’s autobiography is hilarious, I laughed on the very first page reading it,” he says. “She was a farmer after 19 years her husband decided that he—his words—did not appreciate her, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Attitude, and he was leaving her. He moved across the street and they have 3 sons and it’s all about her dealing with being a newly single mom after 19 years and also having to deal with the 6 acre farm that she has been her dream all her life, and now her dream is turning into something of a nightmare. Again, hilarious. I laughed so hard.”