Dozens of Dogs, Cats Neglected in Grand Traverse Co. Home, 1 Found Dead

“Quite essentially just deplorable conditions for the cats and the dogs.”

Dogs and cats were found in deplorable conditions inside a Grand Traverse County home.

Crews were on scene all day trying to save them.

Michigan State Police tell us they were called to a home on Voice Road around 3 a.m. for several dogs running loose.

They got a search warrant for the home and found all of the animals inside.

That is when they saw the dogs caked and matted in feces.

Crews were on scene at this house for nearly 12 hours trying to save 16 dogs and 10 cats, and another dog was found dead.

Grand Traverse County Animal Control, Traverse City and Paradise Township fire departments also responded, and crews had to wear hazmat equipment and respirators because of how bad conditions were in the home.

We are told all of the animals inside were in extremely poor health and looked like they were suffering from dehydration and starvation.

“The dogs and the cats had actually eaten holes in the wall of the residence inside and actually had to be extricated from within the walls they were hiding. The floor of the residence was full of cat and dog feces. A lot of the dogs were matted and caked with feces,” Sgt. Scott McManus, Michigan State Police said.

Investigators do believe the house has been like this for a while, and their investigation shows the homeowners do not live here on a regular basis.

But this is still under investigation and all of the animals will be checked out and stay at Cherryland Humane Society during the investigation.