4-Year-Old Rejoices After Taking First Unassisted Steps

“Because, to get strong,” said Maya Tisdale.

This 4 year old on a mission to get stronger needs a strong nickname.

“Mighty Miss Maya,” she says is what her family and friends call her.

Mighty Miss Maya has Cerebral Palsy.

She comes to physical therapy 5 days per week in hopes of making her dream of walking, a reality.

“Maya is a ray of sunshine in our clinic,” explained her physical therapist, Anna Semelbauer. “I have been working with her since she was one year old.”

She’s improved so much we just can’t say enough about how awesome she’s doing

Born at 26 weeks, weighing just 1 pound, 10 ounces, her dad’s wedding band fit around her arm.

She’s come a mighty long way since then.

“Always happy and just has always been a feisty little kid, she’s a joy,” said her mother, Ann Tisdale.

She had a special surgery in May and is now able to walk around the house pushing a stroller with her favorite dolls.

“I have like a hundred million, so just a couple, no I have a thousand,” laughed Maya.

Maya is living proof that when life knocks you down…

“Whoops I’m okay,” she said.

You pick yourself right back up.

“I’m good,” she said.

Working through her physical therapy climbing, tossing, and spreading to help her improve…

“Maya has so much fun in therapy and has a great imagination,” said Semelbauer.

She uses her canes or her walker to stands as long as she can, until this happened.

“I’m walking, I’m even took a big step, without my canes,” she exclaimed.

“We were just so in shock we were it was just amazing and her reaction to it,” her mother said.

A mighty step in her life both physically and mentally.

“Our family has learned there’s a lot of different ways to live in this world,” Ann said.

A moment this little girl has waited 4 years, 9 months and 22 days for and a monumental milestone in Maya’s journey building the momentum to keep moving forward.

“This for us is the beginning like ‘ok, she can do it,’” she said.

Mighty Miss Maya learning while life can be an uphill battle, you just have to face it one step at a time.

“Strong, I’m so strong,” she said.

Click here to follow Maya’s journey on her Facebook page, and click here to donate to her fundraising page to help cover costs for post surgery therapy sessions.

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