Traverse City Businesses See Boom in Business With National Cherry Festival

With thousands of people filtering into Traverse City for the National Cherry Festival, that means extra traffic at local businesses.

“It’s been a great week for Cherry Festival,” Sugarkissed owner Christina Burke said.

Big crowds, mean big business for local shops.

“It’s exponentially busier,” Karen Hilt, owner of My Secret Stash said.

“It’s been incredibly busy and we had one of our busiest day in six years ever,” Burke said.

Which means they are stocking up and bringing in extra help.

“We’re extra staffed, we normally have two or three people, we double up during each shift, during the week and so it takes everyone of us including me to get through the week, but I mean it’s good, I’m not gonna complain at all, Burke said.

Visitors are taking time to explore beyond what the festival has to offer.

“Just up here on the Front Street really, we just got some gifts, we’re probably gonna go that way over there maybe get a t-shirt, something like that just to remember it, maybe a pie,” Anna Moroz and Paulina Leonard said.

It’s all about taking in the real Northern Michigan experience.

“They’re taking a little extra moment or two to chat, but then I think that gives them a real hometown sense of where we are,” Burke said.

And shopping around to take home a piece of our beautiful community.

“Certainly this time of year they’re buying Traverse City ornaments things that really speak to TC, t-shirts, magnets, those kind of things,” Burke said.

“We love it, the lake is great, it’s so clean , yeah we love the views, we love the shops, it’s beautiful,” Paulina and Anna said.

Some local shops we spoke to also say the heat has more people coming in to cool off in the air conditioning, or a cold treat.




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