The Perfect Souvenir At The National Cherry Festival

After nearly a week, the National Cherry Festival is coming to a close.

So if you haven’t stocked up on souvenirs yet, there’s only one place to go.

“We have lanyards, we have cherry flip flops, we have cherry earrings, cherry necklaces, we have cherry glasses, we have everything with cherry that you can find. Cherry umbrellas, cherry scented lip balm, we have cherry soaps, cherry bath bombs,” says souvenir tent partner Mark Jensen.

And don’t forget the hats, t-shirts, and teddy bears.

“I’ve heard a lot about Traverse City, it’s a really pretty place so we looked it up saw that there was a Cherry Festival going on so we really wanted to come and see what that was all about,” Harley Davis said.

The National Cherry Festival souvenir tent is a one stop shop for anything cherry.

“Yup really cute shirts here, nice little trinkets and stuff like that, and they’re still fully stocked,” Davis said.

“Well we had light crowds the first two days but it’s picked up each day. We’ve got great inventory selection in the tent, so we’re hoping for a strong finish to the festival,” Jensen said.

Ready for one final, fun filled weekend.

“We’ve got our volunteer crew setup, the staff is ready to go, we keep the tent all nice and neat, and we’re here. Open from 10 a.m. to 10:30 at night,” Jensen said.

So grab your commemorative logo t-shirt and head down to the souvenir tent before the festival is over!



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