Beached Boats Left in Grand Traverse Bay Will Be Impounded

Winds on west Grand Traverse Bay are still preventing boaters from removing their beached boats.

Those winds shoved boats to shore and into other boats.

A boat has been splintered from the wind Thursday night through Friday morning which carried some boats to the shoreline.

“Last night there were boats left out on anchor unattended and it got pretty rough. Some of the anchors let loose and some of the boats tangled into other anchors and pulled more in and they got on the beach,” says Richard Lenardson, owner of TowBoatUS.

“We don’t want to leave them in this kind of condition because they break apart, they’ll spill oil, gasoline, diesel, possibly if they have diesel and then we run into an environment cleanup problem a lot more in depth,” Lenardson said.

There have been no leaks yet, but debris from the boat is still littering the shore.

“When we walked over here there’s a lot of trash, which is a little disappointing and I wish it was a little more cleaner in that aspect, but hopefully we will probably pick up trash as we leave,” Aleah Hunt said.

Some think boat owners should face fines and know better than to anchor so close to shore

“I would also wonder where the boat owners are from whether or not they’re experienced. I’m not sure if there’s a criteria for gauging that in terms of licensing but I would hope that locals would know better and that people vacationing here would educate themselves,” Karen Chrostek said.

“I feel like they’ve already lost in the situation. Unfortunately I think that’s what the bad is here for people to come here and enjoy downtown,” Hunt said.

Traverse City police say boat owners will need to remove their boat by the end of the night or they will be impounded.

The Traverse City Park and Rec will be cleaning up debris this Sunday.

In the meantime, a boat towing company will be trying to remove the boats.