Wellness For The Family: Cherries

Cherries for breakfast and cherries for dinner—what a treat!

Registered Dietician Grace Derocha, with Blue Cross Blue Shield, says cherries can be included in just about any meal,

For breakfast, you can slap together a fun twist on cherry toast with ricotta, cottage cheese and thyme with honey-roasted tart cherries on top.

For lunch, try making a turkey and lean beef cherry meatball with red onions and a horse radish mustard dip.

Derocha says cherries have multiple health benefits for sleep and wellness.

“Any parents out there trying to get to sleep, you can have some cherries, some dried cherries, anything you want because it helps the body produce more melatonin,” she says. “It helps reduce inflammation in the body. So anyone that has gout or arthritis, and if you work out a lot it can help reduce that workout soreness. Obviously great antioxidants. Can help fight cancer keep your heart healthy, keep you regular. So many great things about cherries.”

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