New Themed Shoreline Cruises Aboard the S.S. Badger

This summer the S.S Badger is offering some unique options for cruising Lake Michigan.

The car-ferry typically takes people from Ludington to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, but they have some fun new shoreline cruises this year!

The S.S. Badger is celebrating its year 65 of being in service.

It’s the largest cross-lake passenger ship in the Great Lakes and they’re always looking for ways to freshen up your freshwater experience.

“The Badger is one of those icons that’s been sailing now for 65 years,” Terri Veen, director of marketing and media. ”It’s just a fantastic experience for families to travel back and forth through the upper mid-west on a vintage coal-powered steamship.”

Considered a national historic landmark passengers walk aboard with a smile on their faces and adventure in their hearts.

“What’s really fun and special about the Badger is that it gives parents and grandparents an opportunity to slow down with their children and explain a little bit of the history of the shipping industry that’s on the Great Lakes,” Veen says.

Enjoying a slower pace to travel and providing a shoreline cruise experience like none other.

“We have lots of passenger experiences aboard the ship for families and individuals to take part in,” Veen says.

Not only does the S.S. Badger do daily trips for you to enjoy but they also have themed shorelines cruises to step up your summer.

“We are a unique animal here in the Lake Michigan and the largest car-ferry to ever sail on Lake Michigan,” Jeffery Curtis, Captain of S.S. Badger.

“We travel all day long so our first departure is 9 in the morning we come back reload and aboard passengers again at 8:45 in the evening,” Veen says.

For more information on the S.S. Badger and their special trips this summer head to their website.



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