Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert Hit and Run Case Remains Unsolved Half Decade Later

Five years, no answers.

Law enforcement in Traverse City made another appeal for help in solving the hit and run death of Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert.

Kelly was hit and killed the night of July 5th, 2013 on Washington Street in Traverse City while riding her bike.

She was dragged for more than a block and later died at the hospital.

Law enforcement agencies held a news conference Thursday to again ask the public for help.

Police have gone through more than 800 tips and are still looking at around 60.

The FBI is also offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

“I’m reaching out to the person that did this because I believe that they’re still here. I want them to come forward and confess this so the community can be at resolve, and we can put a closure to this and we can go on with our mourning in our own way,” said Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien.

The Grand Traverse County Prosecutor also recently completed a month long investigation and review of Kelly’s case.

Every July 5th for the past five years has been a somber day for Kelly’s family.

Kelly’s sister Nicole says she’s hopeful this case will get solved, but just wants whoever hit and killed her sister to come forward.

Nicole Nostrandt has gone 1,825 days without any answers about who killed her sister Kelly.

“The biggest thing I’ve always said is what if it was their family member. I hope it never happens to someone else, but what if it was your family member, your friend, yes she was my sister she was a daughter, she was a wife, she had wonderful close friends,” said Nostrandt.

A time of year that is so often associated with family celebrations has taken on a different tone for Kelly’s family for the last half decade, as they appeal once again to find the driver who hit Kelly.

“It weighs on you not knowing, and not knowing who did this because it wasn’t just a bike accident, it wasn’t just a car accident, this was done and it wasn’t just a bump and a hit, they hit her, they drug her, they turned a corner, her screams woke up neighbors, so they knew, they could have stopped that car long before they did,” said Nostrandt.

But Nicole says the answer they so desperately seek will one day come.

“They do get solved, and it gives me hope that it can happen. It’s time to come forward with it, if you have a consensus how can you live with yourself when you know this,” said Nostrandt.

If you have any information on the case, contact the Traverse City Police Department at 231-995-5150.

For a link to the FBI page on the case, click here.