Children Celebrate Their Inner Prince, Princess At National Cherry Festival Princess Tea

You’re never far from royalty here at the National Cherry Festival and Thursday about 400 little girls and boys were crowned by the Cherry Queen herself at the Princess Tea.

“I’m here for the Cherry Princess,” Lilly said.

“On this day we pack in as many little girls and boys as we can to celebrate their inner prince and princess,” says co-event director, Abbey Kaufman.

It’s an afternoon fit for a princess.

“We have 40 tables that are all sponsored by volunteers and they donate everything at each table,” Kaufman said.

Complete with goodies…

“We have wands that were at the table and here’s how you turn them on, you bonk them on something and they turn on. There’s a cup with these necklaces and flowers, then there’s a cookie on your plate,” Matilda and Kiera said.

Gowns, crowns and a great cause.

“All of the money that is earned from it goes to the Queens Scholarship Program, so this is really the opportunity that we have to give back to young girls who are pursuing careers, dreams and their passion,” Kaufman said.

Making dreams come true, one teacup at a time…

“Our grandma got us tickets to this place and so we’re really excited to be here,” Matilda and Kiera said.

Organizers tell us that this event sells out every year, so if you’re interested in coming next year, be sure to get your tickets early!



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