BATA Offers Free Bayline Service, Easing Transportation for National Cherry Festival

Thousands of people come to the National Cherry Festival everyday, and finding a place to park is not an easy task.

But the Bay Area Transportation Authority is getting visitors where they need to go.

BATA’s Bayline route is free to and from the National Cherry Festival departing every 15 minutes from any stop along the route.

In addition, they are offering free transportation to the orchard tours.

“Well they have different stops around town and it’s running frequently and a lot of people are riding it cause parking is so limited down here.  We are just as you can see jammed in tight,” says Bob Hardley, director of National Cherry Festival transportation.

BATA’s Bayline route is free all year round for everyone to use.

It’s a great option to spare a little sweat while you’re out here at the National Cherry Festival.

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