Torch Lake Much Calmer Than Years Past, Fourth of July Goers Say

Every Fourth of July Torch Lake becomes a popular party spot, bringing a massive amount of people to the crystal clear waters.

Wednesday was no exception.

Thousands of people were out on the sandbar behind me throughout the day celebrating.

But extra law enforcement are making sure it doesn’t get out of hand like years past.

“It’s been great. It’s been real quiet, lots of families, lots of people enjoying the weather. The weather has been fantastic so it’s been a great fourth so far,” Antrim County marine deputy Joe Clark said.

Torch Lake is calm compared to previous years.

The extra patrols stem from a major 2015 lawsuit after party-goers damaged property and littered the water and beach with trash.

“The increased presence of the Michigan State Police, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Kalkaska County and Antrim has really have clamped down on things to make sure it stays in control. People are behaving themselves and their safe and that’s all that we want,” Clark said.

On the boat and in the sand, patrols are making sure the crowd of people are staying safe.  David Berghoff has been coming for 16 years and thinks it’s helping.

“I think that the biggest thing that has improved this sand bar is the police presence. Before that mas pandemonium so it’s a lot more organized. They do a great job,” Berghoff said.

Deputies also say people are doing a better job cleaning up the lake

“No everyone’s been really good about that. Think everyone just respects the lake, I mean it’s the most beautiful place in the world,” Reece Isenhart, who is visiting Torch Lake, said.

Deputies also want to inform people that anybody on the lake 6 and under needs to have a life jacket on.