Tens of Thousands Celebrating Fourth of July at the National Cherry Festival

It’s day five of the National Cherry Festival, and the fun is not slowing down…

Especially because it’s the Fourth of July!

There are tons of people enjoying their day off at the festival.

It’s a beautiful day, making it the perfect place to spend your Fourth of July.

With the beach, carnival and of course all things cherry, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

“Fourth of July is an awesome day,” says Michigan State Police Trooper Kathleen Wicker.

Whether laying out in the sun, or on the rides, it’s the perfect Fourth of July at the National Cherry Festival.

“We decided to come up and enjoy the whole week here and all that the Cherry Festival has to offer,” says Heather Spyke, from Spring Lake. “Came up for a few days last year and the kids really enjoyed it. They love the carnival, we love everything here and then we can also boat.”

“We are going to the beach and then we were going to find somewhere on the beach to go see the fireworks later,” says Sofia Call, from Traverse City.

It’s even a great day for those keeping everyone safe.

“People just want to have a good time and we’re here to make sure that everybody’s safe… to see them all getting along and enjoying everything that Traverse City has to offer, it’s refreshing and it’s wonderful,” says Wicker.

Everyone is remembering the reason we celebrate the Fourth of July.

“Celebration of the U.S.A.”

“Celebrating our independence obviously, teaching our kids that and just enjoying all that the summer and the holiday has to offer,” says Spyke.

“It’s all about our independence and our freedom and everything from teh beginning when we started the United States of America, so it means a lot to me,” says U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Gregory Kennedy.

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