Stand Up For Great Lakes to Clean Up Torch Lake While Riding Paddle Boards

One organization is making sure the water stays crystal clear, cleaning up trash in Torch Lake by paddle board.

The organization “Stand Up for Great Lakes” will be meeting tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the DNR boat launch in Torch Lake to clean up trash from the Fourth of July festivities.

This is their third year doing it and they encourage people to come by kayak or paddle board to dive in and help out.

They say they are finding less trash compared to previous years.

“I mean, look at this place,” says Kwin Morris, co-founder of Stand Up for Great Lakes. “It’s amazing, it’s blue, clear water and the last thing we want to see, the last thing we want people to see when they come up here is trash floating, plastic cups floating down the water… We want it to be pristine and beautiful like it’s supposed to be.”

The Stand Up for Great Lakes paddle boarders are still planning a fundraising paddle across Lake Superior this summer.