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Promo Image: Northern Michigan in Focus: Grayling Fish Hatchery

Northern Michigan in Focus: Grayling Fish Hatchery

With all the hustle and bustle happening around our area this week you just might need a good place to relax.

Corey Adkins found an unlikely place to do that in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

“It’s always been a hatchery since 1914,” says Dan Vogler with the Grayling Fish Hatchery.

One hundred and four years ago this place was built: the Grayling Fish Hatchery.

Its main goal back then was to re-introduce the fish of its namesake, the Grayling. They were fished out of the Manistee and AuSable Rivers at the turn of the century. But today….

“We produce trout here locally to make money. And keep it open in the summer time for public recreation,” Vogler said.

A walk through the hatchery is relaxing. You can see it on the peoples’ faces.

“It’s a quiet place. It’s a nice park atmosphere. People enjoy wandering around and observing trout. Feeding the trout and then enjoying the grounds, it’s a really a lovely facility it’s a real park like facility,” Vogler said.

There’s about 20,000 trout here. All hungry.

“Essentially when you throw feed in the water in one of these raceways the water just boils, the fish are very happy to see you.  A lot of people have a fascinating look I mean where else can you go and see 20,000 trout swimming in front of you,” Vogler said.

And if you want to go fishing…

There’s no license required, so you get rid of that difficulty and you’re just about guarantee you’re going to catch fish so we have a lot of grandparents that bring young kids here for the first time fishing experience. It’s a great opportunity to introduce kids to fishing, catch a trout, we clean them so it takes care of that equation as well,” Vogler said.

So if you need to unwind, maybe a trip to the Grayling Fish Hatchery might just be the thing for you.

It’s a lot of fun for kids, kids just enjoy it.