Great American Duck Racers Make First Appearance At National Cherry Festival

The Great American Duck Racers traveled all the way to Northern Michigan with their 41 racing mallards.

They’re first timers at the festival, and are proving to be a big hit.

Four at a time people line up along this 16 foot pool and on the quack the ducks are off!

“I blow the starting horn and they drop them in the water and they are off to the races. The main thing is I want everyone to have fun and they are going to learn a lot about mallard ducks because it’s also an educational show about mallards,” says Chief Quacker, Robert Duck.

And fun fact, Chief Robert Duck tells us they have the fastest duck in the world, clocking in at 83 hundreths of a second for a 16 feet swim.

And with high temperatures Wednesday, it was probably a good day to jump in the water, like those ducks.

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