Fun With Food At Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Wellness Workshop

“I really like it, I like how it’s fresh stuff,” said Cecile Walsh.

Fresh right from the Charlevoix Farmers Market to Munson Healthcare Charlevoix for a class called Fun With Food.

“A kids cooking class which, cooking is in quotes kind of, because we try to use healthy foods,” said the leader of the class and community health educator, Julie Voci.

First, Cecile’s favorite.

“We took fresh strawberries, a few cups of those and we mashed them,” said Cecile. “I really, really liked the jam because it’s sweet and fruity.”

“Which you have to do because it’s strawberry season,” said Julie.

Proving that jam doesn’t have to come from a jar — neither does milk.

“We took some cashews, some water, some dates and vanilla extract and maybe one or two more things,” said Cecile.

“I find that they’re more likely to try things that might not be in their comfort zone and that’s always a lot of fun to watch,” said Julie.

The reaction – not too shabby!

They also made a cereal from scratch by adding dried fruit or the milk they just made.

“We have a recipe now and I feel like most of the ingredients are pretty easy to find,” said Cecile.

“This is something they can do on their own, it doesn’t take a lot of supervision and they’re successful and they feel good about it they try new things,” said Julie.

Another new thing kids were able to shake hands with during class – overnight oatmeal.

“These kids can do it at night before they go to bed, it gives them a project and then they have their breakfast first thing in the morning so it saves them time,” said Julie.

A class to get their hands dirty, bellies full, and creativity sparked.

“I loved how creative it was because these are dishes you won’t find in a normal cook book in your house I just thought the fishes were very creative and new,” said Cecile.

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