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Couch to 5k: Race Day Ahead, Here’s How to Prep

Promo Image: Couch to 5k: Race Day Ahead, Here’s How to Prep

It’s almost race day—but how do we prepare?

For those who have taken up the and are planning to run or walk a 5k at the National Cherry Festival in the , it’s almost go-time.

Saturday, July 7, is just a few days away, and no matter how you’ve been training there are still a few things racers should do before the big day.

Lisa Taylor with the says it’s good to hydrate for the race—and be sure to eat a little something that morning.

“Before you hop into the race, especially for beginners, there’s a tendency to think, oh, I don’t need anything, it’s just a little 5k, but yeah you need some fuel in your body,” she says.

How do you handle pre-race nerves?

Taylor says it’s best to try to enjoy the event.

“This 5k has about 5,000 5k runners in the past,” she says. “With all the different events going on, it’s the most popular one because it’s the most accessible race for most people. So just enjoy your time and the people around you and think oh, wow, there’s so many sizes and shapes and ages. Just enjoy that social interaction with other people that want to be active.”

National Cherry Festival Events Sponsored by the Traverse City Track Club

  • The Cherry Mile Races, Elite races for men and women, high school boys and girls ans the open mile take place before Saturday’s 5k.
  • Kid’s Fun Run


Led by recent Boston Marathon runner Des Lyndon

Non-timed, just for fun run before the Junior Royal Parade.

  • The Healthy Schools Fit to Run Initiative