50th Annual Stone Skipping Tournament Brings People From All Over to Mackinac Island

A well-known pastime making its professional mark on the Straits of Mackinac.

For the 50th straight year the world championships of stone skipping took place on Mackinac Island.

Stone skipping tournaments are held across the world but the original and most illustrious is right here in Northern Michigan.

“This is the oldest stone skipping tournament in the United States. It’s known amongst the professionals as the Stanley Cup of stone skipping, they all say this is the tournament they want to win,” The Voice of Stone Skipping Eric Steiner said.

That’s why people like Dougie Issacs came all the way from Scotland.

He brought his own stones with him.

“It’s just something everyone enjoys when they come to a place like this,” Issacs said.

Today marks the first trip back in a few years for Guinness world record holder Kurt Steiner. He once skipped a stone 88 times.

Steiner hails from Pennsylvania. We asked him how he deals with the choppy water on the Straits.

“You have to primarily back off your power a tiny bit, but not too much, but change your rock selection, that’s the main thing. If you can get 20 [skips] you are in contention.

As more than 10 professionals took their shot, it was a man from Troy who took home the trophy. David “Lefty” Kolar won with 19 skips in a sudden-death skip-off.

“It’s always fun to win, you know, just great to be here on such a great day, it’s really a remarkable place to visit,” Kolar said.