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Promo Image: Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During the Fourth of July

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During the Fourth of July

While Fourth of July fireworks are a beloved tradition for many families they often leave pets shaking in fear.

Animal behavior experts say there are some simple things you can do to prepare Fido for this holiday.

We have some tips you may have never heard of before to keep your pets safe.

We went to Cherryland Humane Society to see what simple things you can do to keep your furry friends safe.

Keeping them safe on this day can start with a simple walk.

“If you have friends or family over its always good to exercise them beforehand so when the fireworks or commotion comes around they’re more relaxed,” says Tia Barbera, animal behaviorist. “A tired dog is a happy dog.”

Making sure your animals get exercise is one of the key parts to keeping them safe.

“Exercise relieves stress and anxiety and getting in that exercise beforehand is just going to make their day really comfortable,” say Barbera.

That extra exercise can keep animals calm and comfortable so they don’t get scared and run away from the loud noises and bright lights that often come with this holiday.

“The day after the Fourth of July is when the shelters and rescues see the highest increase in animals coming into their shelter,” says Barbera.

Always make sure your doors and windows are sealed shut so your pets have no way of sneaking out when the loud noises make them uncomfortable.

“You can always get them a bunch of toys, like Kong’s, that you can stuff with peanut butter or food and just freeze it,” says Barbera. “That’s a really good activity for them to do while they’re at home to keep them entertained.”

For the more anxious dogs, you can buy them a “Thunder Shirt” which can help your pet with separation anxiety, travel, stress and fear.

“They’re like a hug for your pet,” says Barbera. “It looks like a sweater and it just kind of compresses them and gives them a big hug and it actually relieves anxiety and stress.”

Another tip is making sure your pets have a comfortable place to lay down, like being cuddled in blankets.

“You can definitely comfort them but don’t over comfort them because that increases their behavior on that stand point but you can always make sure they have a comfortable place,” says Barbera.

One last tip is to make sure your animal always has I.D tag on them and that it’s up to date.