Strutting The Runway At The Royale Pageant of Fashion & Luncheon

“The theme this year is celebrate your style.”

About 200 festival goers started their day at the Royale Pageant of Fashion & Luncheon at the Hagerty Center.

“We have 10 stores this year that we’ll be showcasing and the queen and the court, so it’s gonna be a great show,” B.B. Brick, Royale Pageant director said.

The cherry queen and her court kicked things off with a special performance. Before models, big and small strut their stuff, showing off trendy styles from local stores.

“We’re modeling,” Coral and Kelli Cravey, mom and daughter models said.

“You see a lot of great fashion from TC and a lot of the faces in the clothing you recognize, so it’s really cool to kind of see that come together,” Kelli said.

After the show, and a delicious meal, participating stores donate gift cards to help the next queen and her court build a fashion forward wardrobe.

And reigning cherry queen Ashley Schichtel has some advice for any incoming royalty.

“Oh yes we had a ton of fun being kind of frugal. Some of our stores downtown like Haystacks, they’ll be part of the Friday sidewalk sales. There are lots of good deals there, lots of good shopping,” Schichtel said.

It’s a special event for everyone involved.

“We’re just excited to be part of this together and enjoy the cherry fest together.”


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