National Cherry Festival Welcomes Children & Their Animals for Annual Kids Pet Show

Over at F&M Park, animals took the stage for the Kids Pet Show.

And we saw more than just cats and dogs, most even dressed up for the occasion.

The National Cherry Festival’s annual Kids Pet Show was held at F & M Park on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.

“It doesn’t have to be a furry. It could be a hedgehog. It could be a snake. it could be a farm pet. We’ve had a chicken, we’ve had a goat,” says Kids Pet Show director, Laura Wood.

Six different categories give kids a chance to show off their pet.

There’s the most unusual…

His name is Jerry and he’s in the rodent family. I got second place,” Kylee Erickson said.

Best dressed ensemble…

“He tried to find something that the three of us could wear, because of Fourth of July. We’re just like why not do it,” Henry Stachnik 2nd place, best dressed ensemble said.

And even the fattest cat.

“He’s 23 pounds and 8-years-old. He likes to be indoors to take naps and be outdoors to hunt mice and rodents,” Brynn said.

The show was a hit for not only the kids and the four legged friends, but also their parents.

“It was really fun and it wasn’t really about the winning part of it. It was kind of more of getting her out there and getting her used to getting up in front of people and showing him off,” Faith Erickson said.

It’s living up to be one of the most popular kids events, year after year.

“This was an event that really called to me and I couldn’t wait to be a part of it and it’s living up to every expectation that I had. It just gives you the goosebumps all over you know the animals were so well behaved,” Wood said.

The weather was definitely heating up during the show, so don’t worry the pets didn’t stay outside for too long.

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