National Cherry Festival Heritage Parade Celebrates Past, Present and Future

Heritage Day is a time to celebrate tradition. Not only of the National Cherry Festival, but of the entire Grand Traverse region. Tuesday night’s parade takes a look at the past, present and future of the area. While the colors, music and dance are beautiful they’re also deeply symbolic.

“It’s people that have been before us and who are yet to come I guess,” said Traverse City resident Gary Yankee. “It’s been great I enjoy all of this stuff anyways. I grew up here.”

The parade featured police officers, military trucks, people that work here, businesses and Native American groups. The parade also featured the 2017 National Cherry Festival queen, and this year’s candidates.

“It’s beautiful,” said Bryan Collins, who is visiting from Florida. “We’ve never been to Michigan before as a family, it’s awesome the lake was amazing.”

Whether you’re visiting, or a local, the parade offers a chance to reflect on community and honor local history.

You can really say that the Heritage Parade is the cherry on top of the day’s celebration.

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