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DJ Dill Pickle Brings New Perspective To Ageless Passion

Promo Image: DJ Dill Pickle Brings New Perspective To Ageless Passion

Twisting and turning, pushing and pulling to get that perfect combination.

DJ-ing is a hobby a lot harder than it looks…for this DJ younger than most.

“I am 11 years old,” said Dylan Hunter, also known as DJ Dill Pickles.

“My name is Dylan and people call me ‘pickles’” he said.

Dylan has always loved music, now he creates it.

The 11 year old has produced two songs.

“You have to get a bunch of beats and mess around with it and then you put them together,” he said.

He also plays some universal favorites, alongside his favorites.

He’s performed with Pauly D, Marshmello, Alessa Kara, and Waka Flaka just to name a few.

“That’s when my heat went boom,” he said.

His Pickle Gang has helped him get where he is today.

Starting with Dad, doubling as manager.

“As a dad, I’m just kinda happy I have family pursue what he wants to, he’s doing great progressing faster than I expected,” said John Hunter.

As well as Josh, an artist.

“I kind of took him under my wing and showed him everything I know, he showed interest and I wanted him to learn the right way,” said Josh Orozco.

Josh shows him the ropes twice per week.

“He’s learning everything really quick, quicker than I learned it when I taught myself, so it’s pretty impressive to see someone that age let alone an 18-year-old doing it as quick as he is,” said Orozco.

After the beat drops…

It’s time for DJ Dill pickle to drop to the dance floor.

“He has a passion, he’s always been a little wiggle worm since he was born,” his dad laughed.

Bird has been teaching him since Dylan was 5 years old.

“I teach him some choreographed routines or we’ll work on some moves that he can throw out in his own free style and build off that,” said Bird Clarkson.

Each step is a step further in his career.

“Then going to the next step and still being able to perform and not shut down or seem nervous, that’s how he’s doing, I think he’s doing great,” he said.

“Usually if it’s a good crowd I’ll go crowd surfing, it’s pretty cool, really cool,” said Dylan.

Learning the ins and outs of the board were intimidating at first.

“I freaked out,” he admitted.

But he’s learning the ins and outs, right side ups and upside downs.

“Practice, you can’t just cut a song out, you have to have a fade, just like that, it makes the noise a little different it fades it like makes it slower or higher yeah just like that,” he said.

While he’s working the crowd….

“You have to know what people are going to want,” he said.

The crowd is in turn working him.

“I like to inspire people,” said Dylan.