Chief Meteorologist Tom O’Hare Talks Dried Cherries With Graceland Fruits

Tuesday a great day out the National Cherry Festival.

We normally talk about normal cherries, but today we are talking dried cherries.

We asked Chuck Lombardo from Graceland Fruits What’s the big thing about dried cherries, fruits etc.

“The great thing about dried cherries is that you can really enjoy them right now during cherry season. You’re able to enjoy that fruit all year long,” Lombardo said.

So these can last over a year?

“The shelf life on those is actually 18 months,” Lombardo said.

Oh wow! And how is it done? Do you dry out each one?

It’s quite a process actually. Graceland Fruits started out 45 years ago with a group of cherry farmers that wanted to expand their market for their fruit and we actually pioneered the process of drying cherries and cranberries. We now do blueberries apples and several different varieties of fruit but this time of year it’s all about the cherry,” Lombardo said.

Cherry is huge right now and I think I’m getting used to it more and more often. I was into big cherries long ago and I love them now so I can enjoy this all year round. That’s fantastic and you said you’ve got cranberries, blueberries and what else, Tom O’Hare asked.

“These are our retail products the cranberries, cherries and blueberries, but we also sell our products as our ingredients to over five countries around the world so we do apple and mangoes and some other things as well,” Lombardo said.

They’re not just here at the National Cherry Festival…

“We are actually we recently expanded into the state of Wisconsin, which is a big cranberry producing state so we worked out a partnership actually with a company there to operate a plant deep in the heart of cranberry country. Just as we are deep

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