Air Conditioning Units Break During the Heat Wave


The heat is putting people’s air conditioners to the test.

Heating and cooling businesses are being called out to repair more air conditioning units in the heat.

Ryan Bruntjens is a Lake City resident who had their AC break on Monday.

“We heard it squeaking a little bit and we’re like, “Oh no hopefully it doesn’t go now with it being the hottest time of the year.” Eventually it just went, it was 80 degrees and we’re like we need to call somebody. We can’t get enough breeze going through the house,” said Bruntjens.

During these hot summer days, having your AC unit break could feel unbearable.

“Last night it was rough. We had all the windows open, we had fans going as much as we could do,” said Bruntjens.

These calls are common for Ebels Heating and Cooling, especially compared to last year.

“We didn’t have any weather like this last year, maybe a day or two but we’ve already exceeded the number of calls we had all of last summer just in the last two weeks,” said Steve Ebels, owner of Ebels Heating and Cooling

But there are some ways to avoid those stifling moments.

You can start by rinsing away pollen and dust from your outside condenser unit

“Well preventatively I think probably the two biggest things we see are just the lack of maintenance and one is as simple as changing the air filter in your furnace and in the summer time when the AC is running you should change that every month,” said Ebels.

But if that doesn’t work local repair crews are there to help.

“Especially with it getting warmer and warmer in the next couple of days it could be pretty miserable if they didn’t come out and help us so we couldn’t thank them enough for doing that for us,” said Bruntjens.

Also if your AC breaks this holiday, Isabella County residents can head to a cooling center near them at the Commission On Aging.