Wexford County Men Sentenced in Drug Cases

Two men who admitted to having drugs in Wexford County, one of them in a school zone, learned their punishment today.

Jeffrey Nicholson was arrested in March of 2018 after he sold drugs to an undercover officer near Franklin Elementary in Cadillac.

He’ll now spend at least 51 months in prison.

Edward Gray was arrested back in April after he was found with drugs near the old Cooley School in Cadillac.

He’ll now spend one year in jail.

“Unfortunately, according to the Traverse Narcotics Team and the Michigan State Police meth reporting act, Wexford County is leading the way for, unfortunately, meth arrests, manufacturing and use and that is something we need to stop here in Wexford County,” said Wexford County Prosecutor Jason Elmore.

Several community members, including school leaders, also attended Monday’s sentencing.