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Promo Image: Waiting for a Diagnosis, Emmet County Girl Opens Her Own Business

Waiting for a Diagnosis, Emmet County Girl Opens Her Own Business

A young girl from Emmet County is trying her hand as an entrepreneur.

She recently started her own business of making dog treats!

Carrigan Warner is 10-years-old and has a disease that doctors are still struggling to diagnose.

So she says she keeps her mind busy by spending time in the kitchen.

She started her own business called Carrigan’s K9 cookies and she set up shop right in her own kitchen in Harbor Springs!

It’s a labor of love for animals that’s helping her overcome a number of obstacles.

“Carrigan was born with Central Sleep Apnea meaning that she stops breathing when she sleeps,” says Allyson Warner, Carrigan’s mom.

Something that put her in and out of the hospital until her health took another turn.

“About 15 months ago we noticed she was getting tired a lot easier and her oxygen levels were dropping and her heart was racing,” Allyson Warner says.

Since then, Carrigan’s traveled to doctors across the country looking for answers.

“She’s undergone a lot of testing and doctors really aren’t sure what’s going on,” says Allyson Warner. “They’re labeling it an Undiagnosed Progressive Neuro-Muscular Disease as well as Dysautonomia and Obstructive Lung Disease.”

“When I have my disease I can’t do anything but my mom found out that I could bake dog treats since I loved animals,” says Carrigan Warner.

There are a lot of days she can’t get out of bed, but when she can she straps on her apron and spends time in the kitchen making homemade dog treats and running Carrigan’s K9 Cookies.

“We bake them and we put all the ingredients in,” says Carrigan Warner.

Combining the two things she loves most, baking and making animals happy.

“They like them and they want more of them,” says Carrigan Warner. “They come up to the kitchen and say can I have more.”

Spending her profits on a stuffed animal to provide comfort at every hospital and every procedure.

“It really brightens her day being able to do that for the dogs that have given her so much because the K9 and therapy dogs in the hospital are just so supportive to her,” says Allyson Warner.

If you’re interested in supporting Carrigan’s K9 Cookies you can order by sending an email to We also have the to assist to her hospital bills.