Thousands of Acres Burn in California; Colorado Man Charged with Arson of Over 41,000 Acres

Scorching temperatures are sweeping the nation and high winds have fueled more than two dozen fires out west.

The night sky just outside of Sacramento, California was lit up as the fire tore through more than 16,000 acres threatening dozens of structures and forcing evacuation.

More than 14,000 acres and 22 structures were destroyed in the nearby “Pawnee Fire” in just a week.

It was 70 percent contained, but high winds over the weekend sent flames over containment lines.

It’s the same in Colorado as high temperatures and high winds are fueling the “Spring fire.”

Jesper Jorgensen was arrested and charged with arson in connection with a fire on Saturday that scorched more than 41,000 acres and evacuated 2,000 homes.

200 miles west of the Spring fire is the “416 fire,” Colorado’s biggest fire.

It broke out a month ago and has burned 47,000 acres and has cost over $26-million to fight.

Fire officials say it could be another month before it’s even close to being contained.