Fustini’s Brownie-Perfect Balsamic Reduction Trick, National Cherry Festival

You wouldn’t think of putting vinegar on brownies—unless you knew how to make this sweet treat ultra-awesome like Fustini’s.

Fustini’s in Traverse City is well-known for its oils and vinegars—which, when mixed with the 92 National Cherry Festival this week, can create some sweet surprises for your baked goods.

Fustini’s Chef, Sam Brickman, made brownies packed with dark chocolates chips and dried cherries—with the super special ingredient of Fustini’s Traverse City cherry balsamic reduction drizzled on top.

Brickman says when you reduce balsamic vinegar, it becomes “syrupy, kind of concentrates some of that sweetness down a bit.”

It also adds a little bit of “an acidic pop” to balance out the bitter chocolate.

New at Fustini’s

A grab and go carry-out café is opening up at their Traverse City location in the back of the store.

“Hopefully in about two weeks we’ll be open,” Brickman says. “It’s just going to be a hyper local, hyper seasonal, so using all produce from local farms. It’s going to be doing tons of different dishes depending on seasonality, what’s available. We’re really excited about it.”

And this summer, Fustini’s is donating $1 to Goodwill Food Rescue for every bottle of oil and vinegar.

“Each dollar is going to equate to pretty much feeding family of four,” Brickman says. “So it’s a really, really cool opportunity we have.

Plus, Fustini’s has more cooking classes coming up.

Head to their website here for a cooking class schedule.

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