Forget Parking, The National Cherry Festival Has Valet Service for Bicyclists

The National Cherry Festival brings in many people—so traffic and parking can get hairy.

Plenty of people avoid the headaches by opting for two wheels instead of four.

And again this year, the festival, Norte and AAA are teaming up to take care of bicyclists by offering a free bike valet parking service.

The bike corral next to the Open Space provides a safe spot to put your bike while you walk around.

The valet service is open all day and free to the public.

“You don’t have to worry about parking your car,” says Mark Allen with AAA. “So you can drive your bike down and we think, it’s such a huge bike community we have in Northern Michigan. It’s a great service.”

AAA is also providing emergency services nationwide for your bike if you ever break down on the trails.

So whether you’re on the trails or riding around the National Cherry Festival, AAA and Norte have you covered.

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