Investigators Say Man Accused of Killing 5 At Maryland Newspaper Had Long-Standing Feud

The suspect accused of opening fire in an Annapolis, Maryland newsroom has been identified as Jarrod Ramos.

He is set to make his first court appearance Friday.

He is accused of a deadly shooting rampage at the Capital Gazette Thursday.

Four journalists and a sales assistant were killed.

Ramos has now been charged with five counts of first degree murder.

Police say he entered the newspaper office carrying smoke bombs, flash grenades and a shot gun. He then went straight to the newsroom.

Journalists dove under desks for shelter.

Investigators say that Ramos had a long-standing feud with the newspaper, suing them for defamation in 2012.

The Capital Gazette wrote a story saying that he pleaded guilty to harassing a woman he went to high school with.

However, the case was dismissed and the judge said Ramos “does not appear to have learned his lesson.”

The Gazette published its regular morning paper Friday.

Inside the opinion page was left blank to commerate the vicitims, only saying “today we are speechless.”

The victims include John McNamara, who was a sports reporter and the author of two books. He was working on a third about basketball.

Features writer Wendi Winters was the mother of four.   Her daughter says she believed in never acting or admitting her age.

A gofundme page created by a fellow journalist already raised more than $100,000 for funeral costs.