From Vacuum To Lamp: How A Local Man Is Filling In The Blanks In between

“A young lady brought it in,” explained David Wood.  

It was her grandfather’s old typewriter.

She asked David Wood if he might be able to do something with it.

“And I said like what and she says make a lamp and I go sure I can make a lamp out of it,” said Wood.

All in a day’s work for David at Grey Wolf Creek.

Its questions like that — helping him stock his inventory like this.

“We do lighting repair polishing, paint work, restoration work, and we buy and sell antique fixtures, it’s kind of nice to have something nobody else has,” said Wood.

David shops high and low for unique pieces to build off of.

“If you don’t buy it when you see it it’s gone,” said Wood.

Four pickers also help him discover pieces around the country.

“There isn’t much in here that’s the same as everyone else, everything is a little bit different,” said Wood.

He’s encountered some tricky tasks during his forty years on the job.

“Look my mom was a cleaning lady this was hers and it means a lot to me and I want you to make a floor lamp out of it, I know you can do it,” said Wood.

His first step with the vacuum was to take it all apart.

Usually Dave stares at a piece, until a lightbulb turns on in his head with his plan of attack to turn into a fully functioning lamp.

“Just a little tightening up and a little twist here and there and we will get it down,” said Wood.

If he’s extremely focused– he can normally finish a project in one day.

“One day this lady from England was like I got these teacups I want you to make a light fixture out of,” said Wood.

He has built up to 5,000 light fixtures.

“Working on the stuff that’s local is the part that I like, they don’t want someone to have the same product they have so that’s why I sell this stuff in here,” said Wood.

Grey Wolf Creek is a rare business in Northern Michigan that does not deserve to be left in the dark.

“I went to work for a local guys here and picked up the trade and I just kept going, never thought I’d end up like this but I’m happy that I’m here,” said Wood.


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