2018 Traverse City Patriot Game Logo Released

The winning design for the 2018 Traverse City Patriot Game was unveiled Friday morning, honoring veterans, active duty military and first responders.

Annika Leary is a junior at Traverse City West High School and she’s behind this year’s design, winning a $300 Meijer gift card.

She found out about the contest just two days before the due date and created a beautiful logo, honoring America’s heroes.

“I was sitting in my math class and someone walks in and she’s like ‘is Annika Leary here,’ and I was like ‘OK what is this for,’ and then she tells me what happened, how I won the contest and it was just really exciting. And I was really glad it happened. And I couldn’t believe it at first, but then I was like oh OK this is really fun,” Leary said.

The shirts go on sale in August and the profits will benefit a new organization called Warrior Sailing.

It helps veterans heal through competitive sailing.